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5-Ply BHS Automatic Board Making Machine

1. Impressive Deckle Size : Featuring a substantial deckle size of 2200 mm, this cutting-edge machine operates at an impressive speed of 230 meters per minute.

2. Flute Profile Precision : It offers precise control over flute profiles A, B, C, and NC cut-off to eliminate any size variations in the sheet, ensuring consistent and high-quality results.

3. User-Friendly Control : Equipped with a user-friendly touch screen computer control interface, the machine streamlines operations and enhances ease of use.

4. Efficient Stacking : The machine includes an online rotary system with an automatic stacker, optimizing the stacking process for improved efficiency.

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Description Specification
Max Speed 230 mtr/min
Deckle Size 2200 mm
Cut Length 4500 mm
Scoring Male to Female, male to flat, Male to Male
Max Out 6
Flute type B,C and A Flute

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