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Printing Slotting Die-cutting Machine

Having a Printing Slotting Die-cutting Machine enables Keshoram to offer a wide range of customized packaging solutions to their customers while maintaining high-quality standards and production efficiency. It's a testament to their commitment to meeting diverse packaging needs and providing top-notch products.A Printing Slotting Die-cutting Machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in the packaging industry, particularly in the production of corrugated cardboard boxes. This machine combines several essential functions in one, making it integral to the manufacturing process. Our machines include quality control features to ensure that each box meets the desired standards, including accurate dimensions, printing quality, and die-cutting precision.

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Description Specification
Max Speed (R/min) 220
Max Feeding Size (L*W) 1200 x 2800
Skip feeding Size (L*W) 1500 x 2800
Max. Printing Area Area (L*W) 1150 x 2750
Min. Sheet Board Thickness 3~10 mm
Standard Printing Plate Thickness 7.2
No of Colour 2