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Keshoram Manufacturing High Quality Packaging Solutions

Our journey began as a manufacturer of high-quality and durable corrugated boxes in the year 2020, with a small manual plant. Over time, we expanded our capacity. Today, we are a well-known name in North India for manufacturing a wide variety and styles of corrugated boxes. We proudly serve the Electronic, FMCG, Beverages, and Heavy-Duty Industries for both domestic and export markets.

In a market full of different packaging options, our corrugated boxes are known for their top-notch quality and reliability. Choosing corrugated packaging isn't just something you have to do; it's a smart choice that can really help your products get from our factory to your customers without any issues. Our corrugated boxes are more than just boxes; they're like bodyguards for your stuff. They make sure your products arrive safely and in one piece. We make them with care and skill, so they're super tough and can handle all the bumps and knocks that happen during shipping. Our boxes don't just look good; they're strong and dependable.