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High-Speed Flexo Floder Gluer Printing Machine

1. Efficient Feeding System : Equipped with the Sun Automation lead edge feeder and a vacuum sheet cleaner, this machine ensures efficient and reliable sheet feeding.

2. Precision Printing : It features top printing capabilities with quick-set pull collars, roll-to-roll ink metering, digital registers, and automatic wash-up, ensuring precise and consistent print quality.

3. Versatile Slotting : The slotting section includes a pre-creaser and a single slotting shaft for versatile packaging design options.

4. Optional Rotary Die Cut Unit : This machine offers the option of a rotary die-cut unit with anvil trimming and a speed compensating system, enhancing its versatility for various packaging needs.

5. User-Friendly Control : Operated via a user-friendly touch screen computer control interface, this machine streamlines operations and facilitates ease of use.

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Description Specification
Max Speed 220 pcs/min
Max Feeding Size (L*W) 1170* 2800 mm
Skip Feeding Size (L*W) 1500*2800 mm
Min feeding Size (L*W) 350*690 mm
Max Printing Size (L*W) 1150*2750 mm
Max Die Cutting Size (L*W) 1150*2750 mm
No of colour 4