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Automatic Die-cutting Machine

We have Automatic Die-cutting Machine in our plant. Automatic Die-cutting Machines are valuable assets in the packaging and printing industry, enabling efficient and precise cutting of various materials for packaging and other applications. Having such machinery can enhance production capabilities and product quality, making Keshoram well-equipped to meet the needs of their customers.

Automatic Die-cutting Machines streamline the cutting process, allowing for faster production and reduced manual labor. our machines ensure precise and consistent cuts, meeting high-quality standards for packaging and printing. our machines can handle a variety of materials, making them adaptable to different applications and customer requirements.

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Description Specification
Max Speed 5000 sheet/hr
Max Feeding Size (L*W) 1650*1200 mm
Max Cut Size (L*W) 1630*1180 mm
Min Feeding Size (L*W) 650*520 mm
Sheet Board Thickness 2~9 mm