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Keshoram have the FFG 924 NT RS Machine

1. High Speed : The FFG 924 NT RS is a fast machine, capable of producing 20,000 boxes per hour. This speed is a significant advantage for efficient production processes.

2. Multifold Function : The machine is equipped with a Multifold function that allows for further productivity enhancements. This feature likely enables it to perform various folding and creasing tasks efficiently.

3. Quality and Precision : The commitment to quality and precision is highlighted, indicating that the machine's components and processes are designed and manufactured with a focus on maintaining consistently high-quality output.

4. Rapidest and Easy Drive : Mentioned Rapidest and Easy Drive are likely additional features or technologies that contribute to the machine's efficiency and ease of use. These features may facilitate quick setup and operation, minimizing downtime during order changeovers. FFG 924 NT RS machine at Keshoram combines speed, quality, and user-friendly features to deliver efficient and high-quality production of corrugated boxes. This level of technology and innovation can be a significant asset in meeting customer demands and maintaining a competitive edge in the packaging industry.

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Description Specification
Max Speed 330 pcs/min
Max Feeding Size (L*W) 900*2400 mm
Skip Feeding Size (L*W) 1200 *2400 mm
Min Feeding Size (L*W) 350 *690 mm
Max Printing Size (L*W) 850 *2350 mm
Max Die Cutting Size (L*W) 850 *2350 mm
Machine Make BOBST (France)
No of Colour 2
Anilox Spec 250 Lpi
Ink Volume 6.7