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Innovative Insun Online Pasting and Stitching Machine

1. Precision Feeding and Folding : This machine incorporates a belt-type feeding and folding unit, renowned for its accuracy and stabilization in the production process.

2. Impressive Speed : Operating at a remarkable speed of 85 cartons per minute, it ensures efficient and timely carton processing.

3. Quality Sheet Handling : High-quality belts are employed to convey and fold sheets, guaranteeing smooth and reliable sheet handling.

4.Stitching Excellence : The stitching head operates at an impressive speed of 900 points per minute, facilitating rapid and precise stitching.

5. Exquisite Correction Feature : It includes a function for meticulous correction, ensuring the highest quality in the finished product.

5. Efficient Bundling : To complete the packaging process, this machine offers the capability to bundle stitched boxes securely using straps.

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Description Specification
Max Speed 180 mtr/min
Max Feeding Size (L*W) 1200*2900 mm
Min feeding Size (L*W) 300 *900 mm
Stitching Speed 85pcs/minute
Sheet Board Thickness 3~10 mm